(katakana toe) + (one/line radical)
3 strokes



JOE Stalin was at the top , above the Soviet government.


Think of the 一 as being a line, and there's a toe poking above the line.


うえ ( の or に ) above
( ) あ*がる something gets raised, lifted, promoted
( ) あ*げる to literally raise (your hands, and wave them from side to side; the roof)
( ) のぼ*る rise up : Sometimes literal (climb a ladder, go up hill) , but usually figuragive ( To rise to stardom, a cost that runs as high as a billion annually).
( xxx ) じょう SUFFIX meaning, 'in terms of.' For example, ネット上 (he's big on the internet, but not really anywhere else) or 歴史上 (historically) SUF



more than / that's all ★★★★☆ JERK
(compared to) + (above) = 以上 (more than / that's all)

2 meanings. usually said when you finish ordering something (food, copies, condoms) ; 'That'll be all.' It also means, "on top of all that" or "more than" (used like xxx以上、or sometimes also 以上 のxxx)


skilllfully done! ★★★★☆ FP
(above) + (hand) = 上手 (skilllfully done!)

skillfully done! Usually used to praise one's friends' efforts (at art, music, cooking, etc.)


advanced-level ★★★☆☆
(above) + (level) = 上級 (advanced-level)

advanced level. When you finish this book, you'll still be a beginner of kanji but you'll have advanced level skills at making people aware of problems in life that their Moms might face.

目上の人(めうえ) のひと

higher person ★☆☆☆☆ KUNKUN
(eye) + (above) + (person) = 目上の人 (higher person)

someone who out-ranks you - at work, school, or in society.

Used In


boss or superior person
目上    上司    課長   
classy or sophisticated
上品    洗練された    優雅な   
上る    登る    昇る   
また 股ぐら    股間    股上   
dominate, have supremacy over
至上    覇権    制覇    独占的   
great, magnificent
上手    うまい 素敵    立派    素晴らしい    見事   
pile up, cram in
積む    積み上げる    重ねる    詰める   
raise up
上げる    挙げる    揚げる   
report on, publish, mention
挙げる    掲載する    載せる    記述    記載    述べる    申し上げる   
頂点    見所    頂上    山頂    天辺    頂