classy or sophisticated

(じょうひん)  can be used of people or things. Applies to a PERSON. It means graceful or sophisticated, in a quiet or understated way. Their face, or their way of speaking. You can see their family had money, their background. When it comes to people, 上品 is usually used about women, I mean ‘ladies.’
された(せんれんされた) Literally ‘polished.’ Like the ‘after’ version of Eliza Doolittle – something or someone that is hi-class or sophisticated because they have been to middle school in Paris, shopping in Milan, know their way around the world – I guess ‘cosmopolitan sophisticate’ is the best English equivalent. Also applies to hi-class things that have been made in a very skillful way. Put another way, doing coke is never 上品、 but in the seventies it was very 洗練された。 Used about people and fashion.
(ゆうがな) Elegant. Like the related word 上品(じょうひん) but 優雅 can be flashy. Usually used about an elegant woman or high-class designer object.