sun, day

(mouth/small box radical)
4 strokes
As a radical, it usually means "bright".

COCK: This kanji has not one but two ON-yomis, and as if that wasn't enough, most of the jukugo don't use either of them! This is by far the worst kanji when it comes to not following the rules of pronunciation. Luckily, most of the FP words you'll use every day, right from your first day in Noob Nihongo, so you'll learn 'em without even trying.

Also, it means "Japan" - a sort of contraction of 日本.



Frederich NIETSZHIE spends every day doing ju JITSU.

(all "Hiyahh!!!! Ubermench takedown!!" Philosophy was just a side-job; something he did to finance his bid for Ultimate Fightin' Champion.)


You shouldn't need a damn story for this, but I am drunk so here goes: Two mouths. One yelling, "Don't look at the sun you idiot." and the other yelling, "Dood it will be awesome, You can see sun men all hanging out in there smoking sun -reefer, I swear to god, man, this dude told me it, go ahead."


a day



yesterday ★★★★★ FP
(yesterday) + (sun, day) = 昨日 (yesterday)


today ★★★★★ FP
(now) + (sun, day) = 今日 (today)


tomorrow ★★★★★ FP
(bright) + (sun, day) = 明日 (tomorrow)

xxx 曜日(ようび)

day of week ★★★★★ KUN ONCOUNTERSUF
(day of the week) + (sun, day) = 曜日 (day of week)

Day of the week (BOOBOO; in practice, most Japanese omit the final '日'.So, 木曜日(もくようび) becomes simply 木曜 (もくよう))


east-and-west ★☆☆☆☆
(sun, day) + (rice / America) = 日米 (east-and-west)

add 日, (which is short for 日本), to 米, (which somehow means "America"), and you have a word which means "East-and-West" or "East meets West." Usually seen on cultural exchange-related things.

Used In


break or vacation
休み    休憩    休日    休暇   
made in japan
日本製    日本の出身    日本の方