weather get good now

(sun, day) + (blue) Same-ON
12 strokes
Kind of an odd kanji . . .the one single jukugo it's used in, uses a totally fucked pronunciation which is neither the ON nor the KUN-yomi. Huh?



sun and blue sky together will mean good weather!


( ) は*れる the weather becomes sunny. The weather is sunny



the best! ★★★☆☆ FP
(element) + (weather get good now) = 素晴らしい (the best!)

the best! Usually used about art or theatrical performances.
A way to remember the pronunciation is that the ON-yomi of 素 is 'SU', while the KUN-yomi of 晴 is 'hareru'. . . which, because 晴 is the second kanji in the word, the 'ha' turns to 'BA'.
So maybe KUN-ON is a more accurate tag, but even then it's hard to remember, so FP it is!


Meaning Hint Radical
dark STAND
weather get good now MASTER

Ghosts STAND UP in the dark and start to move.

But MASTER commands the weather to improve


great, magnificent
上手    うまい 素敵    立派    素晴らしい    見事