neglect/ egotistic

(leftheart) + (sun, day) + (net) + (again/crotch radical)
14 strokes
COCK: 90% of the words using this kanji mean egotistical, neglectful OR even chronic (for example, 怠慢,meaning negligence, dereliction )

But of course since this is Japanese, the one exception - '我慢' (meaning 'patience') is used 90% of the time!!




The egotistical MAN neglected his heart and let the sun shine on his crotch instead.


我慢(がまん) する

persevere ★★★★★ CCW1/2 KANA
(we) + (neglect/ egotistic) = 我慢 (persevere)

to endure, to bear something. Often translated as 'patience,' but that is not quite right. You have patience if you can do data entry on a fucking kanji dictionary for 5 hours straight, but you gaman with your overtime or while taking final exams with a burst appendix.

Masochists tend to gaman when they're fed worms while tied up.

Sometimes the concept of gaman DOES overlap with the English idea of patience, though: Little kids have to gaman if they find out that Disneyland is still 4 hours away.

One possible way to make GAMAN fit with the theme of 'neglect' is to remember that the 'ga' part means 'self.' So GAMAN means 'neglect yourself,' or, more poetically, 'Stop feeling the pain of your body and mind, and concentrate on the task at hand.'

自慢(じまん) する

to brag ★★★★☆
(my own) + (neglect/ egotistic) = 自慢 (to brag)


Meaning Hint Radical
neglect/ egotistic HEART
manga WET

You neglect your lover with your cheating HEART, but it takes WET ink to make manga art.


endure, persevere
我慢    忍耐    根気    忍ぶ    堪忍する   
を 怠る    放置    怠慢    なげやり 中東半端    サボル