to suit

(peaked roof) + (mouth/small box radical)
6 strokes
合う gets the COCK because it's the #1 offender for NOKURI AND the #1 offender for KUN ON. Put another way: not only does it use the KUNyomi in the jukugo, but it doesn't even use the KUNyomi properly! It's usually pronounced 'あい', but the 'い' is not even written down.



You have a date tonight, so GO and find a Suit that suits you.


The peaked roof of the church suits Godzilla's mouth. Mmmm delicious!!


( ) あ*う to suit. The burlap sack suits your mama's hippo behind.
( に or と ) あ*わせる to unify. To bring different things together and make them fit. Like a band tuning up is called 音合わせ (making the notes fit).


xxxの 場合(ばあい)

in the case of XXX ★★★★★ KUNKUN
(place) + (to suit) = 場合 (in the case of XXX)

に or が 似合う(にあう)

suit ★★★★☆
(resemble) + (to suit) = 似合う (suit)

those clothes look good on you.

都合(つごう) xxx

at your convinience ★★★☆☆ FP
(major city) + (to suit) = 都合 (at your convinience)

at your convenience, xxx. ( i.e. with the new hack, we can break into their system at will). (since the Endangered Raver act has been repealed, we can harpoon 'em whenever we feel like it).


game ★★★☆☆ KUN ONNOKURI
(attempt to do) + (to suit) = 試合 (game)

a game (of pool, tennis, etc.)


a union or association ★★☆☆☆ KUNKUNNOKURI
(one's team) + (to suit) = 組合 (a union or association)


ratio ★★☆☆☆ KUNKUNNOKURI
(divide) + (to suit) = 割合 (ratio)


big meeting ★★☆☆☆
(collect) + (to suit) = 集合 ( big meeting)

a big meeting or assembly of people - can be used for business meeting as well as fun meeting like a concert.


convenient ★☆☆☆☆ FP
(major city) + (to suit) = 都合がいい (convenient)

located conveniently close to a place


Meaning Hint Radical
big meeting TWIN COWS
to suit MOUTH

You have abig meeting with TWIN COWS. They say, "Don't eat us! We don't suit your MOUTH!"

Used In


攻める    攻撃    合戦    襲う    討つ    襲撃する   
償う    弁償する    埋め合わせ   
condition or context
状況    事態    事情    状態    様子    調子    具合   
contest, game
試合    競争    競技    争う    勝負    競う    闘う   
喧嘩    戦う    闘う    もみあい 殴り合い    戦闘    合戦   
helpful, convenient
役に立つ    便利    都合がいい   
logic, theory
合理    理論    論理    理屈   
負ける    参った    敗北    失敗    失う    不合格    落第   
old saying
名言    格言    諺    合言葉   
to confront, to face
向く    向き合う    面する    対向    臨む   
unify, unite
合わせる    会わせる    併わせる   
union, league, alliance
連合    協会    同盟    連盟   
合わせる    力を合わせる    併せる    結束   
waiting room
待合室    控え室