ける(まける) To lose a game or fight or struggle.   $$$
った(まいった) (spoken aloud) to say uncle. “No mas!”
(はいぼく) A loss of a game or war.
(しっぱい) Any failure! Fail a test, your plan fails, no one comes to your party, your business goes bankrupt.
(うしなう) This one has a bewildering variety of meanings. To miss out on something (but not because of an opponent). To miss a chance. (to get a job). Also to lose a tooth, lose one’s cool, to lose a friend (who died).
(ふごうかく) Unacceptable! Used with schoolwork, but also work reviews, or ‘this workmanship is unacceptable’ or ‘Son your room is not acceptably clean.’
(らくだい) To fail a test