major city

(professional) + (town)
11 strokes



I'm going to Take Off to Tokyo because it's a major city.


A town with a bunch of highly-paid professionals living in it, it is considered a major city.


major city LAZY



capital city ★★★★☆
(Tokyo) + (major city) = 東京都 (capital city)

Tokyo -to. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, so it has "-to" on the end of it. Most cities have a 市(し) instead. And most prefectures have a 県 (けん) instead. If you think that's confusing, look at Washington DC - it's not a state, but it's not a city. It's a "district." Huh?


Kyoto (the former capital!) ★★★☆☆
(capital) + (major city) = 京都 (Kyoto (the former capital!))

都合(つごう) xxx

at your convinience ★★★☆☆ FP
(major city) + (to suit) = 都合 (at your convinience)

at your convenience, xxx. ( i.e. with the new hack, we can break into their system at will). (since the Endangered Raver act has been repealed, we can harpoon 'em whenever we feel like it).

xxx ()

capital of xxx ★★☆☆☆ SUF

'capital city of XXX' in the sense of 'Hollywood is the film capital' or 'Paris is the art capital' or 'San Francisco is the bear capital.'


each time
xxxたびに xxx都度    ついでに~
helpful, convenient
役に立つ    便利    都合がいい