enjoy a drink and a smoke

(mouth/small box radical) + (contract)
12 strokes



FOXES ( = きつね) stop at the coffee-shop to get their drink on.


I got a contract to enjoy a drink and smoke with my mouth every time I go to that cafe .



coffe-shop ★★★☆☆
(enjoy a drink and a smoke) + (tea) + (shop) = 喫茶店 (coffe-shop)

a coffee-shop. These are really popular because Japanese don't invite people over to their homes very often - they meet at the coffee-shop. This is fairly polite example to point to when a Japanese asks you, "Do foreigners really think we're a cold people?" BOOBOO: most Japanese don't say きっさてん。 they just say 喫茶、(きっさ)。


smoking ☆☆☆☆☆ NP
(enjoy a drink and a smoke) + (smoky) = 喫煙 (smoking)

the act of smoking. You'll see this on signs a lot, meaning 'this is the smoking section.'


Meaning Hint Radical
free time DAY
enjoy a drink and a smoke MOUTH
honorable WATER
the honorific "o" GO

I'm free TODAY, to enjoy a drink with my MOUTH.

I'm honorable so I'll share my WATER .

As for 御, it is easy because the left radical means GO in English, and it's pronounced GO!!!

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