Man (personleft) + (nail) + ??? (???)
6 strokes


Go goleft



Go get me some COcaine.


Person, plus nail, PLUS those two extra lines on top, which are SPEED LINES, didn't you know?
What are speed lines? They're a comic strip term for the . . . .well, I'll just show you:

So, a person holding a nail is going somewhere, and they get speed lines because they are going fast. I assume to a crucifixion.


( へ or に ) い*く go
( ) おこな*う to carry out a task, to execute a command: used about a single person getting orders. (as opposed to related words such as  制定 (せいてい) or 実施 (じっせん) which refer to rules which affect all the people) 
( ??? ) ゆ*く for someone to go away. Also means, for someone to proceed and march ever forward.. (*) Here's the COCK part: Although the meaning is different, the OKURIGANA is the same - so there's no way to tell 行く from 行く! COCK


へ or  に 旅行(りょこう) する

vacation ★★★★★
(trip) + (go) = 旅行 (vacation)

a vacation, or just travel in general.


trend ★★★☆☆
(flow) + (go) = 流行 (trend)


behavior ★★☆☆☆
(go) + (movement) = 行動 (behavior)

behavior, conduct. Can be used in a good or bad way.

XXX 行き(ゆき)

a train / bus / plane bound for XXX ★★☆☆☆ NP


deed ★★☆☆☆ NP
(go) + (deed) = 行為 (deed)

one's behavior. Basically the same as 行動(こうどう)but a little more formal. Usually used in newspapers or discussions of trials.

Used In


behavior/ action
態度    姿勢    行動    行為   
carry out /put into effect
実戦    行う    設ける    制定    実施    創立    成立   
carry out, accomplish
遂行する    成し遂げる    貫く   
filial piety
親孝行    孝行