front surface / face

(terrorist) + (big box) + ??? (???)
9 strokes




there seems to be a LADDER in the center of this kanji! So we can say . .

The terrorist MEN climbed up the ladder onto the surface of the big box (a Walmart) and said they'd blow it up unless the Government did the Humpty.


めん 2 meanings
1) ENTIRE surface of a 3-dimensional object, as opposed to 表, which is the front surface of a 2-D object (deeeeyammn!!),
2) the head or face - usually used in the context of expressions like 'meet face to face' or 'dare you to say it to my face!'. In other words, you wouldn't tell a drunk model, 'Hey there, nice 面!’
づら Yakuza slang for face: 'I can't believe you'd dare show your face around here! ' ABU



interesting ★★★★★ SARCFP
(front surface / face) + (white) = 面白*い (interesting)

interesting, (in a good way) but also can mean funny (as in, laughing at you!) this deliberate ambiguity being a big thing with Japanese Sarcasm. Although in this case, fully half the time people are being serious.


pain in the ass ★★★★★
(trouble, petty bullshit) + (stinky and dumb xxx!) = 面倒臭い (pain in the ass)

annoying, a pain in the ass.


screen ★★★☆☆
(a drawing) + (front surface / face) = 画面 (screen)

screen - both movie screen and computer/tv screen


ground ★★☆☆☆
(area) + (front surface / face) = 地面 (ground)

the ground/floor (applies both inside and outside)


save face ★☆☆☆☆ CCW
(front surface / face) + (eye) + (guarantee/maintain ) = 面目を保つ (save face)

to save face (opposite: 面目を失う (めんぼくをうしなう))


exterior ☆☆☆☆☆
(express) + (front surface / face) = 表面 (exterior)

the exterior, the surface - unlike 面 (men), 表面 is more technical - usually used by architects or craftspeople. Or, for instance, to describe a "skin" you'd put on a polygon 3d character.


面倒くさい    厄介な    煩わしい    ややこしい
dummy, idiot, fool, doo doo dumb
バカ 愚か    間抜け    バカ面    ボケ あほ
map, diagram
地図    図面    図表   
on the other hand
その反面、xxx    xxx一方    他方で yyy   
表    面    面    表面   
to confront, to face
向く    向き合う    面する    対向    臨む   
to take care
お世話    面倒みる