(town) + (excess) Same-ON
10 strokes
The more hostile meaning is, to exclude, for instance: certain people.

The more polite meaning is, to not count someone: "Not counting Bill, everyone here is republican."  

(BILLを除き、皆がrepublican!) "Not counting Sarah, eveyrone here hates cats." "Except for one mistake, he did a good job!"




The people of Gaytown voted to exclude the excess women, so they'd have more places to Jack Off.


のぞ*く to exclude, to remove


削除(さくじょ) する

delete ★★★☆☆
(whittle down) + (exclude) = 削除 (delete)

delete (as in, delete a file, but also to eliminate or censor something)

掃除(そうじ) する

house-cleaning ★★★☆☆ FP1/2 KANA
(sweep) + (exclude) = 掃除 (house-cleaning)

house-cleaning. Not just sweeping, but vacuuming, straightening up, smacking the futon, etc.

排除(はいじょ) する

to remove or eliminate ★★★☆☆
(eliminate) + (exclude) = 排除 (to remove or eliminate )


Meaning Hint Radical
on the way MOVE
slowly GO
exclude TOWN

In order to be on your way, you have to MOVE.

If you GO too slowly, you'll be excluded from TOWN.

(everyone is in a hurry there!)

Meaning Hint Radical
exclude EXCESS
steep / risky RISK

Japanese exclude the EXCESS foreigners because the RISK is too steep.


消去する    削除する    除く    取り除く    除去    解除    省く   
housekeeping, housework
掃除    家事   
抜く    外す    排除    除外   
skip, omit
消す    略す    省略    略語    飛ばす    除ける