skip, omit

(けす) Erase
(りゃくす) To omit some information. Usually used like: りゃくして:“I won’t mention in more detail because you already know this part.”  (OPP:りゃくさずに:“to say it in full... blahblaahblaaah”. )
(しょうりゃく) To abbreviate.
(りゃくご) Abbreviation
ばす(とばす) To skip a page, to skip a step in a process, to skip a turn in a game. (lit:to leap over something)
ける(のける) To physically take something and put it aside, get it out of the way:I’m eating curry but I hate carrots, so I’ll heap all the carrots in one corner of the plate and eat everything else. Or, “I’m going to put this new tv set on the table, so get all that shit off the table.”