(enormous) + (strong)
11 strokes




People perceive Genghis KHAN as being enormous and strong. But he's actually really sensitive.


かん a hunch, as in 'かん が ある.' ('I have a hunch . . ') LAZY


勘違い(かんちがい) する

misunderstanding ★★★☆☆
(perception) + (different and therefore wrong) = 勘違い (misunderstanding)

a misunderstanding - like the related term 誤解 , but 勘違い is a little smaller. If I'm reading and confuse one kanji with a similar looking kanji, that's 勘違い. But if I see my fiancee with her cousin from out of town, and assume she's having an affair and punch the guy, that's 誤解

勘弁(かんべん) する

tolerate ★★☆☆☆ 1/2 KANA
(perception) + (dialect) = 勘弁 (tolerate)

forgive, tolerate, stand by and let a motherfucker get away with.


Meaning Hint Radical
enormous SMALLEST
perception STRONG
tolerate EARTH

Ironically, enormous is the SMALLEST of the 3 kanji.
A person whose perception is too STRONG
Can't tolerate living on the EARTH which is so wrong.
Filled with evil and corruption, the death of the innocent, which she can't turn away from, even though she hasn't slept a full night's sleep in like weeks. Save the fucking animals!!!!


idly, stand by
見兼ねてxxx    見殺し    勘弁出来ない    たまるか
誤解    勘違い