(fishhook) + (shellfish/money)
9 strokes




That is FUCKED : I bet all my money I could hook a fish today and I lost.


( xxxの ) ま*け that's (Someone's) loss
( を or に ) ま*ける lose a game or fight or struggle. This can be used 2 different ways, which I'll elaborate on because I have time:
If you lose a game: Game WO maketa
If you lose TO Jerry: Jerry NI maketa



win or lose situation ★★★★☆
(win) + (lose) = 勝負 (win or lose situation)

a win or lose situation. Fighting over a girl/boy. Not neccesairly the final, decisive battle, the Superbowl. . The game/battle is won or lost on account of ..XXX. .


loser ★★☆☆☆
(lose) + (dog) = 負け犬 (loser)

Since it literally means 'losing dog,' you'd think that was a transliteration of the English 'underdog,' But no, it simply means loser or schlemiel. Japan doesn't really have much respect for plucky underdogs who dare to try and rise above their status.


financial responsibility ☆☆☆☆☆
(lose) + (carry on your back) = 負担 (financial responsibility)

a responsibility, usually financial, which is declared by a system. "If a guest falls off the hotel roof, it's the hotel's responsibility." "The parent is responsible for paying for the child's lunch at boarding school."


Meaning Hint Radical
lose MONEY
horn/corner UTILIZE

You lose MONEY when you UTILIZE corners.

You should of cut corners to make more money, and then use that money to bribe politicians to enact tort reform so the victims of your cut corners/ unsafe cars/botched surgery can't sue you.


負担    背負う   
contest, game
試合    競争    競技    争う    勝負    競う    闘う   
負ける    参った    敗北    失敗    失う    不合格    落第