dry out

3 strokes



It looks like a damn telephone pole, don't it?
So. . . . if you are tired of hentai salarimen sniffing your panties when you hang them in your backyard, you "KAN" HANG YOUR DAMN WET DRAWERS OUT TO DRY ON THE TOP OF THE PHONE POLE.


ほ*す to dry, but only in the narrow sense of hanging laundry out to dry.


干渉(かんしょう) する

interfere or meddle. ★★☆☆☆
(dry out) + (interfere) = 干渉 (interfere or meddle.)


pickled plums ★☆☆☆☆ KUNKUN
(plum) + (dry out) = 梅干 (pickled plums)

pickled plums! Oddly, they don't use the kanji for pickle.(漬). that would make too much sense.


Meaning Hint Radical
thousand TILTY
dry out FLAT

'thousand' and 'dry out' look the same . ..except the top of thousand is tilted. So you can recite this fresh rhyme to jog your memory:

'I wear a thousand TILTY hats,

but I got to dry them out on a surface that is FLAT. '

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