(handleft) + (decapitated cow) + (moon/organ) + (director)
15 strokes




This is basically the exact same as the previous kanji (徹) - even the onyomi is the damn same. So rather than try to make another mnemonic to tie together director, raise up, and hand. . . it might be simpler to just think of this kanji as "do thoroughly with a hand instead of a damn '行' on the left".

So you can say,

I withdraw my hand thoroughly from your corrupted embrace!!!


を  or に  or  から 撤去(てっきょ) する

dismantle ★☆☆☆☆
(withdraw) + (past tense) = 撤去 (dismantle)

to remove or dismantle

撤回(てっかい) する

to withdraw or retract a comment ☆☆☆☆☆
(withdraw) + (rotate / times) = 撤回 (to withdraw or retract a comment )


Meaning Hint Radical
sign / indication KING
teeny PIE
withdraw HAND
do thoroughly GO

A crown is a sign of a KING.
I'll eat a TEENY PIE because I am on a diet.
You withdraw your HAND, while I GO to thoroughly accomplish a quest of some sort.