do thoroughly

(goleft) + (grow up / be raised) + (director)
15 strokes




The director raised you to go and pump iron (鉄, pronounced TETSU) thoroughly!


てっ ( する ) be devoted to a project, do nothing else, heart-and-soul. Also means, to stay up all night because you're so focused on your project Star-16


徹底的(てっていてき) にXXX

to do XXX thoroughly ★★☆☆☆
(do thoroughly) + (bottom) + (motivation / '-al') = 徹底的 (to do XXX thoroughly)

to do XXX thoroughly, exhaustively, comprehensively. Plus, isn't that the greatest pronunciation? tetetetetetetetete!!! That's the most wild sound since the past tense of 'warm': (atatakatta)

徹夜(てつや) する

stay up all night ☆☆☆☆☆
(do thoroughly) + (late night) = 徹夜 (stay up all night)


Meaning Hint Radical
sign / indication KING
teeny PIE
withdraw HAND
do thoroughly GO

A crown is a sign of a KING.
I'll eat a TEENY PIE because I am on a diet.
You withdraw your HAND, while I GO to thoroughly accomplish a quest of some sort.