Heartleft (leftheart) + Takedump (take a dump)
8 strokes



Charlie Brown, is suspicious of the KITE eating tree


When my boyfriend acts suspicious and shady around other girls it is like he is totally dumping on my heart.

This will be the theme of my next singer/songwriter album, I am auditioning nylon string guitarists now.


あや*しい suspicious. Not like "I'm suspicious of him," but like "He's acting shady."



traditional folk monster. ★★★☆☆

a traditional Japanese monster from folk tales. They have physical forms, but don't necessairly attack people. More like the European "fairy" than "monster.


Godzilla monster ★☆☆☆☆
(suspicious) + (beast) = 怪獣 (Godzilla monster)

one of them 400-footer godzilla monsters with the zipper on the back.


scar ★☆☆☆☆ KANAFP
(suspicious) + (we) = 怪我 (scar)

injury. I am GUESSING that the difference between 怪我 and its synonym 傷 (kizu), is that kega emphasizes the severity while 傷emphasizes the appearance- spots, cuts, scabs, etc.

Also, another difference is that nobody uses 怪我 with kanji, and hardly anyone even uses the hiragana, thus making the whole fucking point moot.


Meaning Hint Radical
lightweight CAR
suspicious HEART
diameter GO
experience STRING

The new CAR is lightweight but
suspicious HEARTS are hard to mate.
I'll GO walk around the diameter,
and measure the length of my experience with STRING.

Meaning Hint Radical
suspicious TAKE A DUMP Takedump
close but no cigar HELLBUNNY Devilbunny

I'm suspicious that your mom was the one who TOOK A DUMP on the lawn.

I tried to catch the HELLBUNNY but no cigar!!


ghost, monster
幽霊    妖怪    おばけ 悪霊   
ムチャクチャ 怪しからん    無茶    ばかげてる みっともない だらしない
傷    怪我