ward off

(town) + (direction / method / person)
7 strokes




This magic spell will ward off BOWLers who come in the direction of our town. (last time those damn bowlers came over our town wizard lost his +3 bowlin' shoes in a bet under questionable circumstances)


ふせ*ぐ To hinder in the sense of 'guard against': anti-crime cameras, anti-theft devices, and such all use this kanji. 防ぐ is more 'positive' than words like 触る or 阻む which usually mean 'hinder something you're trying to do.'



anti-crime ★★★☆☆
(ward off) + (commit a crime) = 防犯 (anti-crime)

anti-crime / crime-prevention (you tend to see this word on hidden cameras or locks a lot)

(ぼう) XXX

xxx resistant ★★☆☆☆ PRE

PREFIX meaning, xxx proof, or xxx resistant. (for instance, 防水のnippleclamps(ぼうすいの) water-proof nippleclamps. Handy!


precaution ★☆☆☆☆
(beforehand) + (ward off) = 予防 (precaution)


Meaning Hint Radical
prevent GIRL
formal visit TALK
boy / monk GROUND
release DIRECTOR
ward off TOWN

You prevent the GIRL to go,
From visiting and TALKING to her beau.
(because you're jealous)

The boy stands on the GROUND
Until the DIRECTOR releases the hounds.
and then he's warded away from that TOWN.


hinder, obstruct, put a stop to.
阻む    阻止する    障る    防ぐ    妨げる