(vassal) + (again/crotch radical) + (string)
15 strokes



I'm tense whenever your KINfolk come around. There's a family feud a'brewin'.


The vassal ties a string to your crotch and RAN until the string was pulled very tense.


緊張(きんちょう) する

stress ★★★★☆
(tense) + (stretch) = 緊張 (stress)

stress, stretched to the max ーcan be used both literally and figuratively.

緊急(きんきゅう) の or に

urgent ★☆☆☆☆
(tense) + (urgent) = 緊急 (urgent)


Meaning Hint Radical
tense STRING
oversee PLATE
solid, steadfast EARTH
clever MONEY
view LOOK

I pull the STRING until it's very tense.

You oversee the PLATE (you're a waiter)

The EARTH is very solid.

You gotta be clever to get MONEY.

You view things by LOOKING at them, dumbass.

Meaning Hint Radical
multiple, many EVERY
tense VASSAL
suspend / gamble HEART

Reproducing EVERY day with your VASSAL puts him under a great deal of stress。 Talking about having sex with him. Hostile work environment! Gambling your HEART is a high price to pay.