Flower (flowertop) + Water (waterleft) + (each) Same-ON
12 strokes
Christ! Two out of three radicals are mutants. The mutant invasion has begun!!!



The ROCK and roller was so wasted he fell down three times. On the way to the stage .


Each flower petal falls onto the water.


( ) お*とす I drop something.
( ) お*ちる something falls (fall off your chair, a plate falls and breaks)



keep your cool. ★★★☆☆
(fall,drop) + (wear / arrive) = 落ち着く (keep your cool.)

to keep your cool. Often said as a command: おちつけ!!

堕落(だらく) してる

corrupt ★★★☆☆
(corrupt) + (fall,drop) = 堕落 (corrupt)

corrupt in one's personal life - not usually political corruption. Drugs, lies, trife behavior.


burakumin ★★☆☆☆ ABUCCWFR
(section) + (fall,drop) + (folk) = 部落民 (burakumin)

(literally,'the fallen group.') this is - along with Ainu, Korean ex-slaves, the Eta-hin,and the handicapped, one of the main groups discriminated against in Japan. I won't go into the whole story here, but most Japanese will say, 'Don't say 部落民, it's 差別 (さべつ= discriminatory)'

What they neglect to tell you is, there is no polite word! Effectively denying someone a voice in the guise of being polite to them is a very. Very. VERY Japanese way of fucking with people.

However, you can say 同和 (どうわ = social integration) instead: speaking of the phenomenon instead of the individuals. For instance, discrimination against people is 同和の問題 ('the social integration problem').

A nice article explaining the importance of using the right language is here and a more general overview of discrimination is here.

落第(らくだい) する

fail a test ★★☆☆☆
(fall,drop) + (rank or number in series) = 落第 (fail a test)

fail an exam,or get held back a grade.


Meaning Hint Radical
fall,drop FLOWERS
late night BERET Lid

FLOWERS fall on me when I wear my BERET at night .


corruption, bribery
堕落    汚職    賄賂    横領    使い込む   
憂鬱    落ち込む    気分がしずむ    きが滅入る    陰気    ふてくされる うかない
没落    滅亡    崩壊    破壊    絶滅   
落ちる    墜ちる   
負ける    参った    敗北    失敗    失う    不合格    落第