pile up

(wheat) + (condemn) Same-ON
16 strokes




I condemn you for letting the wheat pile up too high! It is just reckless.

Since 積 is a `SAME-ON` kanji, I won`t bother making an ONyomi mnemonic.


( ) つ*む to pile up things (luggage, cargo, crap) or, to accumulate.
( ) つ*もる something is piled up、something has accumulated


積極的(せっきょくてき) に or な

active, enterprising ★★★☆☆
(pile up) + (extreme) + (motivation / '-al') = 積極的 (active, enterprising)

(adjective): enterprising, (adverb) :positively, aggressively. Someone who is really active and getting shit done and having opinions and stuff.


area ★☆☆☆☆
(front surface / face) + (pile up) = 面積 (area)

area, like square meters.

蓄積(ちくせき) する

accumulate. ☆☆☆☆☆
(store or put aside) + (pile up) = 蓄積 (accumulate.)

accumulate. Used about bad things mostly - bills or stress piles up. Similar to 止まって来た (とまってきた) or 重なる (かさなる)。 But 蓄積 can also can be good, like the compound interest or accumulated knowledge.


Meaning Hint Radical
achievements STRING
pile up WHEAT
extent KING

She had a STRING of achievements in the field of piling up WHEAT.

The KING has the greatest extent of power.


活躍    活動    積極的   
pile up, cram in
積む    積み上げる    重ねる    詰める   
set aside, store
蓄える    蓄積    貯める    留まってきた    滞る    重なる    積み重ねる