shut up

(village) + (dog) + (firebottom)
15 strokes




The inhabitants of the village gathered on THURSDAY (木曜= MOKUyobi) to burn the village dog which just would never shut up.


だま*る shut up. Usually said in meirei-kei (the command form) like this: だまれ! KANA



bad kind of silence ★★☆☆☆
(sink) + (shut up) = 沈黙 (bad kind of silence)

silence. (BOOBOO: not to be confused with 静か (しずか)). 静か means a quiet place. 沈黙 is like a awkward hush that falls over the crowd when your mom's g-string fell off at the superbowl.

黙って(だまって) XXX

silently ★★☆☆☆ KANA

to silently do xxx.


Meaning Hint Radical
nature EVENING
shut up VILLAGE

EVENING is the best time to see nature, because that's when you get the sunsets, when all the animals come out, and etc.

Everyone in the VILLAGE has to shut up because it's Japan and it's polite to be quiet.