the edge

(stand up) + (mountain) + (comb)
14 strokes



His TAN is so deep he is on the edge of getting a melanoma.


Stand on the edge of the mountain and comb your hair (FYI you are super nonchalant)


はし edge (always literal, never figurative) (of your seat, edge of the plank) As opposed to 縁(fuchi) 、 端 usually refers to ONE POINT on the edge, the most extreme point (i.e. edge of the cliff, tip of the peninsula)



half-assed job ★★★☆☆
(middle) + (on the way) + (half) + (the edge) = 中途半端 (half-assed job)

this is an excellent phrase. It means, to do things halfway. Whether it's doing a half-ass job at your work, or taking a girl out on a date . . . .to burger king, or cleaning your room but only to the extent that your mom's turds are in a bag and not on the floor. - that's all CHUUTOHANPA.


extreme ★★☆☆☆
(extreme) + (the edge) = 極端 (extreme)

extreme - Used about people, people who take things too far. (not tempratures or political ideologies) A 2-foot-tall mohawk is 極端.

xxxたと (たん) にYYY

no sooner had I . . . ★☆☆☆☆

No sooner had I done XXX, when YYY happened. (where the た is the end of a past-tense verb: tabeta, nonda, hashitta, etc.)


border, edge
国境    境    境界    縁    端    末    先    外れ    際   
激しい    極端    過激