(おこたる) Neglect to do something you damn well know you should have done.
(ほうち) Similar to 怠る, but it’s value-neutral. 放置する just means “leave it as it is.”
(たいまん) Usually used in this way: アナタの怠慢だった! “Because of your negligence / laziness, xxx happened!”
なげやり To do something reluctantly. Emphasizes the attitude of the worker more than the result. See also, 中途半端
(ちゅうとはんぱ)  I thought meant ‘half assed.’ But apparently 中途半端 means, something done not very well, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE INTENTION OF THE DO-ER. For instance, if the boss tells an eager employee to do some huge task by the end of the day, the worker might be doing her best, but the end result is kind of sloppy.
サボル To loaf on the job – work slowly. Or to simply not show up to work / school altogether. Seeeee ya.