(tree) + (big box)
7 strokes




The pine tree is in trouble- it kind of got lost all its CONES, got chopped down and turned into a big pine box.


こま*る to be in trouble. . . .not exactly. It doesn't mean 'punishment' like 'You're in trouble!' means in English. It's not like your teacher yelling at you.
Often you'd use it like "Oh, shit!", but usually in the past tense, for some reason!
If you're late and can't find your shoes, you'd say こまった. (past tense)
If you're lost, then you say こまった.
If you forgot your password for, that's . . . actually you're better off, probably. (BOOBOO) BOOBOO



hardship ★☆☆☆☆ NP
(trouble) + (difficult) = 困難 (hardship)

a hardship, big trouble. Not like "Oh, If I fail this test, I'm going to be in big trouble!" こんなん is more like an ongoing hardship, like your parents died when you were young and you had to put yourself through school while working 20 hours a week washing dishes. Also often used in this phrase: 困難の時代 (troubled times)