turn to face

(goatee) + (dot)
6 strokes




Let's say the dot is a dot of cocaine.

So now we can say . . .

When your moms turns to face the mirror, she realizes she's got a dot of cocaine stuck on the upper portion of her goatee. Uncomfortable!!


む*こう over there (it's also a slang, street term for 'those guys', the other side)
( ) む*く I turn this way, turn that way.
( を or に ) む*け to be made for XXX (i.e. shoes for women is 女性向けのshoes) .
Second meaning: make X face Y. If I train a firehose on a dog, it's hoseをdogに向ける。
( ) む*かう something turns this or that way.



direction ★★★★☆
(direction / method / person) + (turn to face) = 方向 (direction)


do an about-face ★★★☆☆ CCW
(roll over) + (turn to face) = 転向 (do an about-face)

convert to new ideology, do an about-face. This is important because most of the freaky looking kids you see on the street will all become housewives and salarimen the exact second they turn 23. - making TENKOU what we call a "cultural code word."


convert, do about-face
転換    転向   
lean or incline
傾く    偏る    傾向   
to confront, to face
向く    向き合う    面する    対向    臨む