political party

(mohawk) + (older brother)
10 strokes




My older brother formed the 'mohican party' , a motley coalition of punks whose slogan was 'Kick The Man with your steel-TOE!'



LDP ★★☆☆☆
(my own) + (folk) + (political party) = 自民党 (LDP)

the Liberal Democratic Party - the MacArthur and CIA-backed party which has remained almost constantly in control of Japan since the war, by using their secret stash of funds that Tojo stole from Asia. A lot of post-war LDP bigshots were war criminals. Take that, post-Nazi Germany!


the Japanese Communist Party. ☆☆☆☆☆
(with) + (childbirth, production of things) + (political party) = 共産党 (the Japanese Communist Party.)

the Communist Party. Of course, they're not real communists, any more than the LDP are liberals. I have no idea what the fuck these guys believe in.


a sweet-tooth ☆☆☆☆☆ SARC
(sweet) + (political party) = 甘党 (a sweet-tooth)

another fine example of Japanese-style sarcasm: あまとう (literally 'sweet party') means someone who loves eating candy. Actually, you can use the 党 for many jokes this way.


Meaning Hint Radical
political party OLDER BROTHER
all the more GOATEE
assembly hall GROUND
usual DAGGER

My OLDER BROTHER joined a political party.

Men with GOATEES are all the more macho.

The assembly hall is built on very dangerous GROUND,
so it's usual to bring a DAGGER inside.