dispose of or manage

(eachbottom) + (diaper)
5 strokes




You gotta dispose of each of the baby's diapers, otherwise you'll Smell His Odors 24/7.



take care of a problem. ★★★☆☆
(dispose of or manage) + (reason) = 処理 (take care of a problem.)

Often translated as 'management', 処理 is more like,"to take care of a problem. To resolve a complaint."

Unlike the related terms 経営(けいえい) or 営む (いとなむ), 処理 is not a full-time job; more like something you do when an emergency happens.


female virgin ★★☆☆☆ FR
(dispose of or manage) + (woman) = 処女 (female virgin)

処分(しょぶん) する

deal with/ dispose of ★★☆☆☆
(dispose of or manage) + (understand / divide / minute) = 処分 (deal with/ dispose of)

to dispose of (unwanted stuff),punish, or deal with or manage (a problem)


temporary fix ★★☆☆☆
(dispose of or manage) + (put down on table) = 処置 (temporary fix)

temporary, provisional management of a problem, until a lasting solution can be found : usually medical (i.e. stabalize the patient), but sometimes used about jury-rigging a machine. Take care of the radiation leak. Manage the PR crisis.


Meaning Hint Radical
dispose of or manage no hand
evidence which is the basis for a judgment HAND

I think you can manage to masturbate, on the basis that you have HANDS. Or: I think you can dispose of your sexual urges. . . my evidence? You have HANDS.

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manage, dispose of
経営する    営む    管理    処理    処置    処分