refer to

(motion) + (katakana 'ho') + (dot)
8 strokes



The label "infidel enemy of Allah" refers to athiests, christians, and JEWS, TOO!


述 is made of motion, plus the katakana 'HO' plus a dot. So you could say,
While moving towards the hoe, he made a statement about the dot on her lip.


の*べる to relate a story of... Describes the speaker's own actions: ('Please allow me to mention or state something') (usually used in a business or formal setting: opening remarks, proposals, extending a warm welcome, all that glad-handing bullshit)



the aforesaid, the aforementioned ★★☆☆☆ NP
(before) + (refer to) = 前述 (the aforesaid, the aforementioned)

記述(きじゅつ) する

give an in-depth account of ★☆☆☆☆
(diary) + (refer to) = 記述 (give an in-depth account of)

to describe, to give an in-depth account of. Generally means an entire chapter, if not a whole book.


Meaning Hint Radical
perplexed RICE (2 dots!!)
refer to ONE DOT

You get perplexed by RICE, so you refer to ONE DOT to comparison:

"OK, if it's bigger than this dot, then it must not be rice."


report on, publish, mention
挙げる    掲載する    載せる    記述    記載    述べる    申し上げる