report on, publish, mention

げる(あげる) To bring up something (an objection, a point). Also, to give an example of . To cite a study or report which someone else wrote.
する(けいさいする) To be printed. “The National Enquirer printed an article about bat-Elvis having a baby.”
せる(のせる) A little more informal than 掲載. Also, 載せる can mean ‘put on top of something’:‘Put the skis on vehicle’ ;  ‘Put something on top of the cabinet!’
(きじゅつ) Similar to 掲載, but the emphasis of 記述 is, ‘to contain an account of’, rather than ‘to be published.’  “The report contains an account of blah blah blah.” 挙げる is more like an offhand comment, but 記述 is more like a whole article or a whole book.
(きさい) To mention in written records, ledgers, – ‘Your name was mentioned on the list!’
べる(のべる) To report one’s own actions. Kind of a formal word. (‘Please allow me to mention or state something’) (usually used in a business or formal setting:opening remarks, proposals, extending a warm welcome, all that good-old-boy stuff)
げる(もうしあげる) Like 述べる, but can be written as well as spoken. 申し上げる means, a lower person communicates or relates something to upper person. ‘I sent this in the email last week, Ma’am.’ ‘I humbly included the report in the fax.’