(handleft) + (crows)
12 strokes



Believe it or not, I ENJOY assisting you guys learn kanji !


Use your hand to assist the crow back into her nest


を or に 援助(えんじょ) する

to assist ★★★☆☆
(assist) + (save) = 援助 (to assist)

to compensate someone for a favor they have done you, to aid someone with money or material things. When high schoolers date salarimen for money, it's enjo kousai.(援助交際)

支援(しえん) する

support ★★☆☆☆ NP
(support) + (assist) = 支援 (support)

support - usually used with support groups like "adult children of alcoholics" or "a heartwarming show of support for a city which has had a natural disaster". It's not limited to victims but it has that sort of nuance to it.

応援(おうえん) する

cheeer on ★☆☆☆☆ KANA
(react) + (assist) = 応援 (cheeer on)

to cheer for or root for someone at a game.


Meaning Hint Radical
brandish / pretend PAYBACK
assist HAND
become loose / abate STRING
sway, joggle CAN

He's brandishing a firearm to with which to dish out some PAYBACK,

I use my HAND to assist a bird in building a nest.

When you loosen the STRING, the CAN begins to sway.


to support
支える    応援    支援    手伝う    援助