sway, joggle

(handleft) + (nest) + (can, like 'canned beef')
12 strokes



She YODELS so loud it'll make a skyscraper sway.


The '' radical is somewhat simplified, but let's roll with it anyway, because we can say:

He holds out his hand, holding a tin can with a nest on top of it, and jiggles it so the nest sways.


( ) ゆ*さぶる I shake or shock something : I make something sway
( ) ゆ*れる something gets a jolt, something sways
( ) ゆ*する to shock , jolt, to make something sway or shake


動揺(どうよう) する

jolt ☆☆☆☆☆
(movement) + (sway, joggle) = 動揺 (jolt)

to be agitated or unsettled, to be jolted


Meaning Hint Radical
brandish / pretend PAYBACK
assist HAND
become loose / abate STRING
sway, joggle CAN

He's brandishing a firearm to with which to dish out some PAYBACK,

I use my HAND to assist a bird in building a nest.

When you loosen the STRING, the CAN begins to sway.