reach / amount to

(grasping hand) + (one/line radical)
3 strokes



I never thought you'd amount to the CUTEst boy in school. (but then you bought Ray Bans and started pegging your acid-washed jeans)


Let's think of the extra line as a dreadlock.

So we can now say . .

The grasping hand reaches to grab a dreadlock.

Actually, that was not helpful.


( ) およ*ぶ influence the outcome or have an effect on. (usually bad, as in alcohol influencing judgement, or 'what impact does this have on society?')
( ) およ*ぼす reach to, but not like reaching your hands to the cookie jar. Reach like, "His research extends from physics to theology" or "Her criminal empire reaches from gambling to union shakedowns."
( xxx ) およ*び ( yyy ) xxx as well as yyy F


Meaning Hint Radical
reach / amount to right side BUMPY
each CROSSed lines
been a long time bottom GOES APART

grasp - the right line has what looks like BUMPS on it - those bumps are the WHITE KNUCKLES of the grasping hand.

久's diagonal lines do NOT cross - they go APART.  各's diagonal lines DO cross. So you can say:

Each time we met,you double-CROSSed me, so it's been a long time since we've been apart.

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