char / scorch

(turkey) + (firebottom)
12 strokes




Don't SHOW off your cooking, that roast turkey is pretty clearly scorched in the fire.


( ) こ*がす to char or scortch. Like char-broiled beef. Also, often used with hot, passionate emotions: burning with the fiiiire of looooooveeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
( ) こ*げる it gets scorched
( ) あせ*る to be in a hurry, impatient KANA


Meaning Hint Radical
without NO HEAD
char / scorch HEAD

OK,without (無) is basically like the "scorch" kanji ( 焦) but WITHOUT the little line that sticks up in the center.

As usual, we'll call the sticky-uppy line a 'head'.

So you can say,

The top of WITHOUT is flat, because it's WITHOUT a 'HEAD'.

Or, alternatively, "You're scorching my HEAD!!!"


burn or cook
焼く    焦がす    燃える   
the point is...
重点    要点    焦点