become loose / abate

(string) + Crows (crows)
15 strokes



I tied a string around a crow's neck but it got loose, and then it got loose.


ゆる*い loose KANA
( を or が ) ゆる*む something comes loose (a string) or a situation becomes more calm or relaxed. KANA
ゆる*やか ( ) mild, low-intensity (i.e. this hill has a mild slope. Low-intensity exercise.We'll cross the river at the point where the current is the most mild.)
( ) ゆる*める loosenー to relax, to slow down, to stop being a dick about it KANA


Meaning Hint Radical
brandish / pretend PAYBACK Payback
assist HAND
become loose / abate STRING
sway, joggle CAN

He's brandishing a firearm to with which to dish out some PAYBACK,

I use my HAND to assist a bird in building a nest.

When you loosen the STRING, the CAN begins to sway.


緩む    緩める