divorce / physical distance between things

Lid (beret) + (terrible) + (moocow) + Inside (George Michael's Moustache) + Turkey (turkey)
18 strokes



Bruce LEE got divorced from Tommy LEE in 1985.


I had to divorce my terrible turkey because it came home wearing George Michael's beret and smelling like his moustache.

I'm not gonna include moocow because fuck this is too long already.


( から ) はな*れる to leave someone, to be distant (both physically and emotionally)
( ) はな*す to separate, to detach, to keep separate


離婚(りこん) する

divorce ★★★☆☆
(divorce / physical distance between things) + (marriage) = 離婚 (divorce)


distance ★★☆☆☆
(distance) + (divorce / physical distance between things) = 距離 (distance)

physical distance between two things: towns on a map, for instance, or the distance between an archer and a target - a much bigger distance than the related word 間隔.


segregation / separation ☆☆☆☆☆
(understand / divide / minute) + (divorce / physical distance between things) = 分離 (segregation / separation)

The dictionary says "separation, " as in separation of church and state, or "the river separates the two countries." Politically it means to segregate people, like in the American South, or what Japan does to Burakumin.


異なる    差    食い違い    相違    間隔    区別    距離   
partition, separate
へだてる 分離    隔離    検疫