terrible majesty

(become) + (woman)
9 strokes
This is one of the most "no-English-equivalent-y" words in the whole Japanese language. Why is majestic stuff scary? Who is scared of Prince? He's like five feet tall. I guess you have to think like a medieval peasant to really get the meaning.




The dude became a woman, and as she vogued majestically, and I was scared!


威厳(いげん) のある

majestic/scary ★★☆☆☆
(terrible majesty) + (strict) = 威厳 (majestic/scary)

majestic , slow and dignified but scary - like a bunch of gangsters slowly walking down the street while the Peter Gunn theme plays. Or a parade float of your mom's neck-beard.


authority ★★☆☆☆
(rights) + (terrible majesty) = 権威 (authority)

an authority one has based on power alone (parents, cops, etc.) rather than on rights (authority based on rights is 権利(けんり))


arrogant ★☆☆☆☆ 1/2 KANA
(terrible majesty) + (stretch) = 威張ってる (arrogant)


Meaning Hint Radical
strict NEEDLE
years old STOP
annihilate FIRE AND WATER
terrible majesty WOMAN

The strict nurse injects you with a NEEDLE,

but the drug STOPS you from aging.

Both FIRE AND WATER can annihilate a city,

but that WOMAN has a terrible majesty even more scary!


power, authority
勢い    力    権力    威力    政権    権利    権威