renew / improve

(myself) + Taskmaster (director)
7 strokes



I myself, improve my KITE by adding more streamers.


I, the director, improve myself.


( ) あらた*める change PLUS improvement. Usually used with behavior - meaning to turn over a new leaf, to quit self-destructive or bad behavior. Also has a totally unrelated meaning: When a customs official or police asks to see your ID card, that's also 改める for some reason. 1/2 KANA
( ) あらた*まる something is renewed, reformed 1/2 KANA



remodeling, renewal ★★☆☆☆
(renew / improve) + (produce) = 改造 (remodeling, renewal)

remodeling, renewal, or reorganization of a physical thing ; re-modeling a house, tricking out a car, re-organizing the leadership of an organization.

改善(かいぜん) する

improve ★★☆☆☆
(renew / improve) + (morally good) = 改善 (improve)

improve a thing - your performance in Math class / the economy / the efficiency of the car

改革(かいかく) する

reform ★★☆☆☆
(renew / improve) + (leather/revolution) = 改革 (reform)

reform (the welfare system, the campaign-contributions laws, etc.)


Meaning Hint Radical
adroit PIRATE HOOK Fishhook
success STRENGTH
attack CRAFT
renew / improve MYSELF

She's skillful with her PIRATE HOOK.

He's successful because of his STRENGTH.

The attack was CRAFTY.

I want to renew and improve MYSELF.


remodel, improve, reform
改造    改善    改良する    改善    改良    変更    更新    改める    改革/    レフォーム 矯める