14 strokes




When your clique gets to the gate, my clique will strike them down with baseball BATS!


ばつ clique LAZY



faction ★★☆☆☆ NP
(faction/bling) + (clique) = 派閥 (faction)

A faction within a political party or corporation. Like every country has factions, but 派閥 has the nuance of 'We all claim to be loyal to the organization but behind closed doors we are plotting to hijack it with our own agenda.' Nobody would say publicly, "I'm in this 派閥!”


big biz ★☆☆☆☆
(loot) + (clique) = 財閥 (big biz)

a group of banks, corporations, and underworld guys, where everyone is on each other's board of directors - like capitalist feudal states. These are the fuckers who bankrolled and encouraged Japan's role in the second world war. FDR specifically told MacArthur to break them up, but Mac didn't.Companies like Mitsui bank and Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc. have profited handsomely off of slave labor and Hirohito's war, and they continue to be the bedrock of society.


Meaning Hint Radical
struggle BEANS
pitch-black darkness SOUND
clique PERSON

BEANS make you struggle with farts, and you hear the SOUND even in a pitch-black room.

Cliques are made of a PERSON or people!