(corpse) + (heel)
5 strokes
I've tagged this one ABUNAI, because it's often used ironically - more like 'bitch'. To make things even more complicated, the rude version is often written as '阿魔' rather than 尼, I guess to not be blasphemous. Even though the origin of the word is 尼! But who cares - chances are you'll mostly encounter the rude version in conversation anyway ('このあま!' or ’このあまっこ!’). So forget I said anything about 阿魔. . .



It's the corpse of a nun who got poisoned-darted in the heel, all Achilles style. Weird.


あま ( さん ) Buddhist nun ABU


Meaning Hint Radical
nun HEEL
mud WET
butt NINE

Nuns wear high-HEELS under their gowns.

The heels get WET from the MUD.

To beat a baseball team, you must kick NINE butts!

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