beef bowl

(well) + (dot)
5 strokes
Along with ramen, the beef bowl is the Japanese equivalent of the big mac - the basic quanta of fast food.



DON Quixote fills a well up with rice and puts some meat in the center for a giant beef-bowl.

丼 is made of well (井)+ a dot, which we'll call a little piece of beef (speaking of which - why your step-dad got a M16 collection??)


XXX (どん)

beef-bowl ★★★☆☆ SUF

SUFFIX meaning ‘bowl of hot rice and sweet sauce with a painfully stingy amount of XXXX on top' (XXX is usually beef or pork)


beef bowl ★★☆☆☆
(cow) + (beef bowl) = 牛丼 (beef bowl)

beef bowl (beef over rice).