high-powered, prestigious

(personleft) + (orgy) Same-ON
12 strokes



I am very prestigious within the world of Yo Mama Joke-driven educational websites full of basic spelling errors.


The person who organized this orgy was prestigious.


えら*い great, outstanding. As in 'a great painting' or 'a great show.'(p> It also means upper-class. Like 'We can't park in that parking spot - it's for erai people.' A regular doctor is not erai, but the head surgeon of the hospital is erai. That kind of thing.
えら*そう (literally, "Prestigious, isn't he?") someone who thinks they're all that SARC



great ★☆☆☆☆
(high-powered, prestigious) + (person) = 偉人 (great)

. . .in the sense of 'historically great', 'history-making', 'most famous', rather than the sense of 'nice' or 'wonderful.' (Recall Louis Farrakhan's wonderful non-apology for calling Hitler a 'wickedly great man': "Hey, White people! You're the ones who forced me to learn your language, and now I speak it better than you! You can't even be bothered to open a dictionary and learn your own language, so who are you to judge me?"