ask a favor

(bundle of sticks) + (headright)
16 strokes




I wanted to ask you a favor -- can you carry this bundle on your head? It's really LIGHT.



たの*む to ask someone to do something for you. You can use this when ordering food at a restaraunt, but also when asking a favor from a friend. たのむ has the nuance that the person being asked can refuse. 1/2 KANA
たの*み a favor, a request.
( に or を ) たよ*る to trust or rely on someone: Say, you're robbing a bank and you get your friend to be the getaway driver. You have to count on him to actually be waiting when you get out of the bank.


依頼(いらい) する

commission ★★☆☆☆
(depend on) + (ask a favor) = 依頼 (commission)

a request or commission. Not like 'Please pass the salt,' but like 'I'd like to hire you to make a custom suit' or to hire a lawyer or PR firm. Any relationship where you'd use the phrase "The client wants. . ... "is 依頼。


client ★☆☆☆☆ NP
(commission) + (person) = 依頼人 (client)


trust ☆☆☆☆☆
(believe) + (ask a favor) = 信頼 (trust)


Meaning Hint Radical
ask a favor HEAD
amount of money / forehead EACH
shun STOP

You ask a favor: that I give HEAD.

EACH of you asks for an amount of money.

So I shun you, I STOP talking to you.


place an order for an item or service
依頼    頼む    注文