certificate, cupon

Horny-heaven (horny heaven) + (sword)
8 strokes



as in: "KENNY got certified to come back from Hell"


If you kill an infidel with your sword, Allah gives you a free cupon to get into Horny Heaven with 72 virgins.


xxx (けん)

cupon or ticket ★★★☆☆ SUF

Take pretty much any noun you can think of, and add "券" to the end, and you have invented a coupon for that noun.

to wit;

食券: eat + ken = meal ticket . . .

商品券: merchandise + ken = discount coupon . . .

定期券:commute +ken = commuter pass

etc. . .


Meaning Hint Radical
certificate, cupon POWER
harbor WET
roll up NO WATER

A ticket gives you the POWER to go to the concert.
Harbor IS WET. A rolled- up scroll is NOT wet.