close but no cigar

(leftheart) + (long ago) Same-ON
11 strokes




Long ago, I lost my heart in a tragic affair. I came so close to getting the SEXY woman of my dreams, which makes it all the more regrettable.


お*しい close! Not as in, "Godzilla is close to Ultraman's size". Close, as in you throw a ball to a little kid and he drops it and you are like 'That was close! Almost!' 1/2 KANA
お*しむ to regret something, to have a little grudge about it.


Meaning Hint Radical
suspicious TAKE A DUMP
close but no cigar HELLBUNNY

I'm suspicious that your mom was the one who TOOK A DUMP on the lawn.

I tried to catch the HELLBUNNY but no cigar!!

Meaning Hint Radical
detest HORNY
close but no cigar HELLBUNNY

When you get HORNY, you detest the BUNNIES that tell you close but no cigar! You got dissed, player!