Hell (hell) + (feathers)
9 strokes




this has the feather radical . . .except they are Bizarro feathers, turned the other way, on top of each other, and stretched out
So, you could say . ..

HEE flies downwards to Hell, not up, because he's got Bizarro feathers.


( ) と*ばす 2 meanings: 1) I send something flying. 2) to skip a page, to skip a step in a process, to skip a turn in a game.
( ) と*ぶ it flies



airplane ★★★★☆
(fly) + (go) + (machine) = 飛行機 (airplane)

が or へ 飛び出す(とびだす)

jump up from out of nowhere ★★☆☆☆ 1/2 KANA
(fly) + (pull out / hand over) = 飛び出す (jump up from out of nowhere)

to jump out in front of you suddenly. Normally you'll see this on road signs, "Drive slow! Children might dash out!" Unlike the related words 跳躍 and 踊る, 飛び出す emphasizes jumping FROM a place. Jumping FROM the side of the road, or FROM the shadows.


a leap ★☆☆☆☆
(fly) + (jump) = 飛躍 (a leap)

a leap. Usually figurative. Make a leap forward in technology. Not used as a verb.


bounce, leap
飛躍    躍る    はずむ 飛び出す    跳躍   
skip, omit
消す    略す    省略    略語    飛ばす    除ける