hoist / deep fat fry

Hand (handleft) + (easy)
12 strokes




It's easy to deep fat-fry if you use your hands. More difficult: doing it while YODELING.


( ) あ*げる This is one of the more weird words. . . You don't use this for 'raise your hand' or 'raise a barbell over your head.' You use this for hoisting a flag, deep-frying tempura, and honestly that's about it. How's that for random?
( ) あ*がる something is hoisted


Meaning Hint Radical
hot water THING Thing
thirsty HEEL Heel
hoist / deep fat fry HAND

Hot water is a THING you want to soak in if your HEELS are parched.
Your mother's HAND lowers my fries into the deep-fryer at Wendy's. They tell her that if she gets her ankle bracelet off, someday she could be manager!