(うけたまわる) (Business) What you say when you have heard an understood a proposal. Does not necessarily mean you agree.
する(しょうしする) (Business) What you say when you have heard and understood a business proposal, AND you agree with it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will sign the contract or do whatever the person says, but that you want to work together with them to accomplish these goals.
(こうてい) To affirm what someone said (opposite of 否定 (to deny) ). Be careful – 肯定 is kind of formal. If someone says “James Brown is good,” you wouldn’t say “肯定です!” It’s the kind of word you might see in a newspaper:“The actor confirmed that he would start shooting the remake of ‘zombie woof’ in November.”)
(しょうだく) To comply with a demand.
(なっとく) This is translated as “consent,” or “agree,” but it is more helpful to think of it as “Well, in THAT case, I understand, OK.” (as in, “Why did you jump on my dog at my party and then throw up on my Raggedy Andy doll?” “Well, someone drugged me with knockout pills.” “Oh my God! Well in THAT case, it’s ok. 納得!”)